Dagestan State Medical University


Dagestan State Medical University was founded in the year 1932. This University is situated in the Makhachkala City which is the capital of Dagestan Republic. Makhachkala City is very well-built and picturesque modern city. Since the University has started, it has trained over 25,000 specialists, 100 doctors of Sciences and 350 candidates of Science. The students who got graduated from here are now scientists, organizers of health protection and are working in the different countries.

At present, there are 5200 students in Dagestan State Medical University out of which 170 students are international students from 12 countries. There are 6 specialization courses in the University. The students are provided with both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Over 83 years, this medical University has become a real school of medicine. The University has served over 27,000 successful doctors have been graduated from the University which includes 700 foreign students from different countries. This University is known for its strong educational background obtained at this higher educational institution.


    1. Medical Faculty
    2. Faculty of Pediatrics
    3. Faculty of Dentistry
    4. Medical and Preventive-Health Faculty
    5. Faculty of Pharmacy

Student life

Dagestan State Medical University is known to have a world-class educational background full of opportunities and ideas. The University has shaped the careers of many aspiring students. There are 14 laboratories to meet educational requirements of the students. At DSU, students are encouraged to take part in the extracurricular activities and athletic programs. The Year-Round Recreation Program is held which include activities from sports through to arts, social and other intellectual pursuits and enriching activities. The students can enjoy playing football, tennis, basketball, swimming in summer or skiing and skating in winter.