Studying abroad can give you better learning opportunities, where you can receive the best quality education, by broadening your mind, learning new skills and expanding your knowledge. When it comes to programs, you will have lots more options.
If you’re considering studying abroad, here are eight ways it can benefit you:
Improved Language Skills. …
Experience a Different Style of Teaching. …
Impress Employers. …
Enhanced Network. …
Learn About New Cultures and Perspectives. …
Develop Your Confidence. …
See the World. …
Discover Career Opportunities Abroad.

Do you wish to study MBBS abroad?

Have you gone through all the colleges and universities in different countries?
Then you must have found that studying MBBS in Russia is a great option . That is, if you have taken a decision of studying MBBS in Russia then it is a wise decision!
In Russia, you can acquire fundamental and in-depth knowledge in all the subjects and the country is also best known for its strong academic schools in mathematics, physics, and natural sciences.
For international students, Russia has been a popular destination for studying MBBS.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO)’s “Directory of World Medical Schools”, Russia claims about occupying almost 30 positions amongst top 100 ranking Medical Universities.
If you have not still made ‘Russia’ as your choice for MBBS studies and if you are still confused about it and wondering what is so special about MBBS studies in Russia?

Following are the benefits of studying MBBS in Russia

1. No Donation or Capitation Fee
Apart from the yearly fee, private institutes in India have huge amounts of donation or capitation fee.
This is not the case with MBBS colleges in Russia. Because most of the MBBS colleges in Russia have no donation or capitation fee.
2. Low Tuition Fees & Affordable Living Cost
In comparison to the private Indian colleges, the tuition fee of Russian medical colleges is very low.
It ranges between Rs.4.5 lakhs to Rs. 8 lakhs per year.
Living expenses in Russia are also affordable. They range in between $200 to $300 per month, that is in between Rs.14k to Rs.21k per month.
You can also survive in $100 to $200 per month, that is, Rs.7k to Rs.14k, but obvious thing is this mainly depends on your lifestyle.
3. No Entrance Test For Admission
To secure admission in Russian medical colleges there is no entrance test required.
Rather, admission to medical colleges in Russia is strictly based on your performance in 12th standard and on first cum first serve basis.
If you have more than 60% in your 12th standard then you will be given preference.
4. MCI Coaching
One more advantage of studying MBBS in Russia is that you can get trained for the MCI Screening test so that you can practice in India and there is no additional cost for this.
5. Hostel Facility
The hostels in Russian medical universities are with all the modern & essential amenities.
Furniture, hot water supply, wifi facility, etc. facilities are provided to students here.
During the winter season, you will not face much problem, as hostels are centrally heated.
6. Class Strength
n Russian MBBS colleges, the strength of the batch is between 12-15 students or may be less than that.
So, every student can get the individual attention of the teachers.
7. International Exposure
When you will study in a foreign country, you will get to meet fellow students who are from different countries, ethnicity, and backgrounds.
Thus, you will get international exposure which will help you in settling down in a new country.
Due to the large population, Russia provides a great opportunity for medical students like you to get exposed to large patient inflow.
8. World Class Infrastructure
MBBS universities in Russia have modern equipment in hospitals and world-class infrastructure.
As most of the medical universities in Russia are of high standard and recognized by WHO, MCI, European Council and UNESCO, MBBS study in Russia will be very fruitful.
9. Funded Tuition
Among the few countries, Russia is the one to offer foreign citizens the opportunity to receive free tuition.
International students get several thousands of scholarships every year by the Russian Government.
10. Opportunity to Learn Russian
About 260 million people worldwide regularly speak Russian and 10.5 million foreigners learn Russian.
Thus, you can also get a chance to learn Russian. For this, Russian universities offer different Russian language programmes, including summer schools, courses, and distance learning.
International students can take a year-long course in the Russian language and students who have enrolled in state-funded places can get it for free of charge.
11. Opportunity to Obtain Dual Diplomas
In 2003, assuming several obligations as part of the creation of a common educational space of participant countries, Russia signed the Bologna Declaration .
Many Russian universities thus implement joint programmes with foreign universities and issue dual diplomas to their graduates.
Thus, by studying in Russia you can receive a diploma from a European university and a Russian diploma.
12. Comfortable & Well-Equipped Dormitories and Campuses
Russian universities are a match for many western universities in terms of study facilities.
Facilities like high-level equipment for laboratories, study facilities, and scientific centers are offered by Russian universities to its students.
Most of the MBBS universities offer you a relatively low cost of accommodation in their own dormitories.
13. International students can adapt easily
You can easily adapt to life in Russia as it is a multinational country.
Russia is home to more than 200 ethnic groups that speak more than 100 different dialects and languages.
The country has diversity in all spheres of life from cultural to domestic. Thus, you will feel at home after arriving in Russia.
14. Worldwide Recognition of the Degree
MBBS degree obtained from a Russian university is recognized by UNESCO, WHO, MCI, European Council and other authorized bodies.
Thus, it can be recognized worldwide.
15. Availability of Indian Food
In most of the Russian universities, Indian food is easily available.
Refreshment stores and various types of restaurants are also available closer to the premises of most of the universities.
Thus, you can get your favorite food easily.

Let us know about the university (Russia) , where you want to study MBBS.